SkyEyes GPS Service Net.

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    SkyEyes GPS Service Net.
    1. SkyEyes GPS Service Net. provides managers with an easy way to map vehicles, find the closest capable drivers for certain missions, specify geo-fences to confine vehicles within certain areas or paths preventing them from unauthorized use of vehicles, route planning and optimization, and most importantly, communication with drivers through a 2-way messaging channel.
    2. For safety, SkyEyes GPS Service Net. can automatically monitor the vehicle speed based on the position and time, and gives speeding alerts both to managers and to drivers if any vehicle drives over the road speed limit.
    3. For management, all kinds of reports are automatically generated and available for managers to analyze their business, such as fuel consumption reports, examining how efficient their loading plan and job assignment would be.
    4. SkyEyes Driving Attention Monitoring
    (1)Using face recognition analysis technology, detect if driver fatigues or distracts, then alarm immediately and send a face picture back to system.
    (2)When vehicle happens depart from lane, too close the front, sharp speed, brake, and turn, and rollover, it alarms immediately and send abnormal message to system.
    (3 )Managers can easily monitor vehicles by accessing real-time GPS tracking, and all-time digital video record via system.
  • Functions
    1. Real-Time Tracking
    2. Digital Video Record & Monitoring
    3. Real-Time Traffic Information
    4. GPS Tracking Record
    5. Management Analysis Report
    6. Unusual Driving Warning
    7. Route Departure Warning
    8. Signal Forwarding Service
    9. Cloud Storage Service
    10. Driver Fatigue/Distraction Warning
    11. Lane Departure/Front Collision Warning
    12. SkyEyes Driving Attention Monitoring
    (1)Fatigue/Distraction Warning
    (2)Lane Departure/Front Collision Warning
    (3)GPS/Digital Video Record Monitoring
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