Intelligent Transportation Management System

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    The SYSCOM Intelligent Transportation Management System integrates a number of heterogeneous modern information technologies, including RFID identification systems, multimedia scheduling and display systems, LED electronic information systems, automated broadcasting systems, public information kiosks, and more.

    This system uses active RFID detection as the primary vehicle identification and station management technology, and with the control system at their fingertips, controllers and managers easily identify problem situations via graphical displays. It contains the largest feature of the system — the integrated platform — which combines all data related to bus status, bus schedules, monitoring data, traffic conditions within the station. After the data is professionally analyzed and modeled it is available to station administrators and transport carriers for their decision making.

    This system reduces human resource costs and helps transport carriers, as well as passengers, stay up-to-date with the very latest station information.
  • Functions
    a. Vehicle Monitoring & Identification Sys.
    ‧ RFID
    ‧ Entrance Control
    ‧ Ultrasonic Waves
    ‧ Infrared Rays
    b. Data Collection & Management Sys
    ‧ Lane Data
    ‧ Schedule Information
    ‧ Schedule Template
    ‧ Ticket Price
    ‧ Vehicle ID
    c. Terminal Info. Process Sys.
    ‧ Vehicle Monitoring /Iden. Software
    ‧ Data Collection Software
    ‧ Ticket Info. Process Software
    ‧ Platform Info. Process Software
    ‧ Terminal Info. Process Software
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