BillKuo Languages Teaching System

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  • Features
    1. Material scope: Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior, Senior, University, Adult, all within one platform
    2. Learning scope: 4 Skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.
    3. Easy accessibility: Web-based system accessible to all Internet users
    4. Cutting edge technology: One English System adopts the most advanced “MTCOMM Speech Recognition System” for effective listening and oral training.
  • Functions
    1. is intended for beginners to learn basic listening, speaking, and the connections between the sound and written forms of a language.
    2. focuses on developing reading, listening, and dictation abilities of English from beginning to University levels.
    3. Alphakids Pro in One English online System provides contextual language practices, especially with authentic and useful vocabulary, expressions, and sentence patterns in 308 books in 24 levels.
    4. FluSpeak in One English online System focuses on English pronunciations, intonations, expressions , and sentences. There are more than 5500 sentences in the system.
    5. FluSpeak 4 Skills in One English online System provides 467 articles(at 6 levels)with exercises and tasks in comprehension, listening and repeating, reading aloud, and dictation.
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