Debby – dietary management chatbot

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    Debby, the first AI-based virtual diabetes Health educator, provides a one-stop solution for diabetes patient’s daily need. By using social platform such as Line, Messenger, or Wechat, patients or their care-taker can start our integral Debby chat-bot service with ease. Debby will bring chronic disease management to the next level by recommending/advising personal dietary intake by photo, recording blood glucose by chatting, providing comprehensive blood sugar reports with life-style modification insight, and real-time answering diabetes related questions. Debby is now under collaboration with medical center in Taiwan for testing to be the next generation of chronic disease management tools. Metology believes by providing a brand new way using chat-bot to monitor disease, with a total solution from disease monitoring to life-style modifications, Debby will be the next level of chronic disease management.
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    Developed by highly integrated team of doctors and data scientists, nutritionists and health-care professionals, Debby could provide service such as 1) Food-image recognition with nutritional record/advisory 2) Chat-driven disease managing with machine learning 3) Health-education QA with natural language processing. Debby was also supported by e-commerce platform with section for fresh food that was granted by doctors, dietitians and trusted provider. Diabetes patients could shop by conversational commerce following personal recommendations.
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