IDSmart™ Intelligent Library Management Solutions

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    Over 8,000,000
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    To meet the library's need in the rapidly changing and learning environments, our library software brings you a high level of certainty.
    Unlike a bar code label which requires line of sight reading and can only have a single code for all items of a particular product, RFID tag can identify each individual unit of that product even when it is on the move, besides allowing the data on it to be updated. RFID’s ability to provide data that was previously unavailable has opened up a new world of applications in library management solutions.
    Today’s libraries need to deliver better services at the same time as reducing labor costs and improving efficiencies (24 hrs. self-return service) on the management. IDSmart™ solutions help our customers improve service provision and reduce the total cost of ownership of a library.
  • Functions
    IDSmart™ library, the total solution enhances the library processes to serve better its faculty and patrons. The objectives are to improve the workflow processes in library, to solve inventory problems, and to save time. With this efficient UHF RFID system in place, faculty members and patrons can now expect faster and shorter queues when borrowing and returning library materials.
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    Over 10,000
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