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Cellopoint Email UTM

Cellopoint Email UTM (Unified Threat Management) is an integrated email security and risk management solution, deployed in front of a mail server. Customers have the flexibility to purchase and add on individual functions, including inbound security, email auditing, email archiving and encryption, as desired. This translates to cost saving and streamlines system management.
1. Cellopoint Secure Email Gateway (SEG) effectively protects your email from advanced malware, ransomware, malicious URLs, phishing, spam, spyware, email bombs, business email compromise attacks and other email-related threats. bombs, and other malicious mails.
2. Cellopoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provides comprehensive email data loss prevention solution to help companies meet regulatory compliance requirements and prevent unauthorized leakage of sensitive data.
3. Cellopoint Email Archiving is an extensible and customizable solution for email archiving, e-discovery, data privacy and regulatory compliance.



Cellopoint International Corporation



Cellopoint is a leader in email security and risk management. We are specialized in email security, threat intelligence analytics, email archiving, grid search and auditing and encryption for email data loss prevention (DLP). We deliver solutions to protect businesses from email-borne threats, including spam, ransomware, spear phishing scams and business email compromises (BEC) attacks. Cellopoint is composed of R&D engineers and specialists with a wealth of experience in this industry. Through developing innovative solutions for clients and collaborating with our partners, Cellopoint held No. 1 market share for medium-sized and large enterprises in Taiwan and No.3 market share in China.

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