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Hon Conn Innovation Corp.

HCI Line OA Service Platform

In many places, the LINE IM is the necessity in many people daily life. Business uses LINE to attract members and do e-selling on it. HCI developed the LINE@ e-selling service platform for business to manage its LINE@ account. It provides more benefit and flexibility than LINE account management. You can know and interact with your account members with lower cost and higher revenue.

Functions :
1. Member Management
2. 12 settings of service menu
3. Obtain member’s phone number or email from promotion campaign, and tie with LINE ID.
4. Obtain member’s gender, age, occupation and interest from promotion campaign.
5. Attach category labels to each member.
6. Do advertisement pushing by category label to save LINE message pushing cost.
7. Do one-on-one message pushing.
8. Do statistics and analysis of member categories.



Hon Conn Innovation Corp.



Hon Conn Innovation ( HCI ) was found in 2014 by Ambit Microsystems, one of the Foxconn group subsidiaries, and Comware, a 20-years-long telecom business support systems ( BSS ) developer. The Foxconn's share was switched to its another subsidiary - Asia Pacific Telecom ( APT ) in 2016.
Besides utilizing telecom BSS expertise and product to serve APT and Foxconn, HCI has also accumulates intensive system implementing experience on : customization projects for wide industries, hospital ward smart TV APP, patient care portal, automobile On-Board Diagnostics ( OBD2 ) portal, IOT Bluetooth APP, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence( AI ), Over-The-Top ( OTT ) digital streaming BSS and technical marketing.

The average team professionalism is over 12 years. The team’s dignity, diligence, reliability and professionalism contributes to its reputation and always build a win-win relationship with our partners over 26 years.

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