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InSynerger Technology Co., Ltd


“InSynerger AIoT Platform” emphasizes on four applications, including smart factory, campus, building and park to provide more than 15 solutions such as power management, water quality monitoring, smart streetlights, and equipment connecting. The platform provides functions, which are data collection and analysis, statistical reports, event alarms, and equipment diagnosis.
InSynerger is a solution provider, our solution can manage water, gas, oil, electricity and other basic energy, also it combined with big data analysis, to assist enterprises to achieve energy saving, improve efficiency and production capacity.



InSynerger Technology Co., Ltd



InSynerger Technology Co., Ltd provides smart factory, smart park total solutions and device connection service. InSynerger spun off from government-sponsored Information Industry Institute (III) in 2017. InSynerger accumulate advanced technology, includes energy, device connection, platform and multiple applications. InSynerger base on IoT technology and cloud management platform to cultivate machine learning and big data analysis, and develop “24 hours factory and park cloud AI manager”.

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