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Intumit, Inc.



Ongoing with the digital transformation, Intumit’s SmartWork is an internal Conversational AI developed to solve users’ needs about Microsoft’s Office 365 products and with many customizable dialogues. SmartWork is the most powerful enterprise intelligent assistant on Microsoft Teams for B2E scenarios. Also available for flexible integration with ERP, financial systems, booking systems, and more to leverage enterprise solutions.

We can build professional knowledge base for specific domains and integrate them using Microsoft Teams to provide a strong platform to stay connected and work more efficiently with your colleagues on a daily to daily basis.

Our solutions are available for all environments including public cloud, hybrid cloud, and private cloud, and we can also integrate with various platform systems like CRM, ERP, CTI, IVR and more, thus, we can flexibly provide a variety of Enterprise solutions to our clients too.

Currently in Taiwan, industries such as financial, retail, and semiconductor manufacturer are using Intumit’s SmartWork solutions for their needs.



Intumit, Inc.



Intumit, Inc. is the leading artificial intelligence provider with more than 550 customers in Greater China area. Powered by self-developed core technologies like natural language processing, text mining, information extraction and deep learning, Intumit’s intelligent solutions can help enterprise customers extract business value from massive unstructured data.

 Gartner - Cool Vendors in Analytics
 Microsoft Top Valuable ISV Partner
 Microsoft Teams Global 150+ Partner
 2017th Taiwan 100 Innovational Product: Gold Award
 Fukuoka Global Venture Awards: EY Creation Award

Main Products
 SmartWork: Enterprise AI Assistant
 SmartRobot: Intelligent Conversational AI Robot
 SmartKMS: Superb Knowledge Management Center
 WiSe: Enterprise Search Engine

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