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AI and Internet of Molding

AIoM (AI and Internet of Molding)
1. Cyber-Physical System: Our product comes with the total package of software and hardware to collect information from the injection machines to send it to the cloud server. This allows the information to be digitalized andaccessible anywhere.
2. Hardware: Our device is a Data Collector installed on each individual injection machine with a built-in WIFI antenna that transfers the data through a router and to the cloud server.
3. Software: Our software not only has the capacity to store a large amount of data, it can also perform data analysis automatically with the frequency of every hour. We also turn data into easy-to-understand graphs and downloadable datasheets for further analysis. The goal for IoM (Internet of Molding) is ultimately to allow top-level managers to see real-time production of the factory without having to be physically there all the time. It frees up time to focus on solving actual problems within the factory.






With the advancement of IoT, our company’s vision is to bring this concept to the industry of Manufacturing; specifically in the field of Mold and Molding. We provide consulting services to help digitalize data from injection machines and use that information to analyze factory and production status such as Utilization Rate, Availability, Downtime, Cycle time, Yield Rate etc. The goal is to help improve production efficiency and reduce material waste in real-time to advance towards Industry 4.0 using the fastest route. It is currently the fastest and cheapest way to introduce a manufacturing execution system (MES) to plastic injection factories. Our product has only been developed for over 2 years but has already implemented over 500 devices through Southeast Asia. Since we firming believe in the trend of IoT in Molding, we have a full R&D team working hard on this every day.

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