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WiAdvance Technology Co., Ltd

Cloud service/ SaaS service cloud platform/ Smart manufacturing/5G+LTE product and 5G service

1. Cloud service:(1)SAP on Azure (2)Email Migration to M365 (3)Azure WVD (4)Azure site recovery
2. SaaS service cloud platform
3. Smart manufacturing:AIOT for industry
4. 5G+LTE product and 5G service:(1)CPE product (2)RU product (3)5G SA or NSA Service



WiAdvance Technology Co., Ltd



Wiadvance Technology is a subsidiary of Wistron Corporation. Based on Cloud, Data and AI technology, combined with the advantages of fast and secure 5G enterprise private networks, Wiadvance provides cloud-based service and Industry Vertical SaaS/ Solutions, enabling our customers to boost the business in today’s ever-changing world.

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