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FUNTEK Software Inc.


IMKit: IMKit is a suite of Software Development Kits (SDKs)
enabling the in-app messaging for apps and websites. The
core of IMKit are iOS/Android/Web SDK plus a micro chat
service running in the backend. IMKit can be privately
deployed and run in the business side keeping all the chat
data. IMKit SDK contains full Chat UI and underlying system
implementation, it is few-minutes work on integrating IMKit
into your applications.
PinChat: PinChat is a one-click chat builder that makes
connections easy. PinChat makes it super simple for
collaborating teams to start a chat instantly. Without App
download or registration, any potential customers can easily
connect to the enterprise via scanning a QR code or clicking
an URL everywhere. PinChat also provides auto-translation to
support the scenario of international business.



FUNTEK Software Inc.



FUNTEK provides easy-to-use chat solutions to companies
from all industries. The core product includes IMKIT (Chat
SDK) and PinChat (Messenger Messenger). IMKIT helps you
build chat into your service in a timely manner and with low
engineering cost. Since 2013, we have helped clients grow
communities in their marketplace, social app, and banking
app, etc. PinChat, on the other hand, provides you an easier
way to start a chat with others. With your PinChat link and QR
code, others can start a 1 on 1 / group chat with you instantly
without having to log in or sign up. Since 2020, we have
helped clients build robust connections between buyer and
seller in exhibitions, seminars, and online forums, etc. Key
Clients of FUNTEK include rossmax, Cathay United Bank,
Accupass, LINE Travel (Taiwan), COMPUTEX, YourChance
Pharmacy, Orange Fab, MEET TAIPEI, and Tsannkuen.

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